Result of a recent restructure, respectful of the past, but careful to our customers’s needs,“le Badie Agriturism” flats have 1 thousand years of history; they’d been realized at the two plains once farm houses of one of the two ancient medieval abbeys dedicated to S. Salvatore. This abbeys’s rests can be visible from the ilexes, parts of the farm.

We would like our customers to find peace and tranquillity in these places, but also all the comforts of contemporary life: for this reason we add our structures with TV, Wi-fi and Air Conditioned. Two swimming pools used by the structure only, can be a wonderful refresh after trips, escursions and days at the seaside. The little customers can safely play with suited ping pong, swings and slides.

Thank to our conventions, horseriding or sailing, eating in excellent restaurants, visiting all sightseeings at good prices with helpful hands by qualified tour operators, will be possible for our customers.


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